2 Medical Visit Package

Includes two (2) standard telemedicine visits with Dr. Gina Nick which consists of initial intake visit and follow up to review labs etc and prescribe personal health and wellness plan.

Radiant Health

You have a direct line to Dr. Gina for any and all of your medical questions related to optimizing your cognitive function, physique, mood, sex drive, energy level, and overall vital force.

  • Life Coach Meets Medical Doctor.
  • Private Line to Dr. Gina
  • One telemedicine appointment per month.
  • One Customized 21 Day Medical Purification Program included per year.
  • Comprehensive Hormone Balance Therapy* (hormones purchased separately).
  • Customized Nutritional Supplement Protocol and Formulas* (supplements purchased separately).
  • Customized Diet Program.

Beyond Radiant Health

The Beyond Radiant Health Program includes everything that is in the basic level Radiant Health Program plus Customized Nutrient/Hormone/Peptide .Injections

  • Up to two (2) Customized Nutrient/Hormone/Peptide Injections per month in office.

Peptide Protocol

Peptide Protocol includes One Telemedicine intake appointment, Peptide Therapy Visit and 30 Day Peptide Protocol (custom).